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Dr. rer. nat.
Alexander Lange
Research Associate

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University of Stuttgart
Institute of Thermodynamics and Thermal Process Engineering
Pfaffenwaldring 9
70569 Stuttgart

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Thermodynamics & stat physics

  • Nano particles: We try to better understand the effective molecular forces in systems with 1-10k interaction sites performing MD-simulations and data mining.
    • Bauer G, Lange A, Gribova N, Holm C, Gross J. Effective potentials between gold nano crystals - functional dependence on the temperature. To appear in: Molecular Simulation [arXiv:1403.5950]
  • Density functional theory: We model basic molecular interactions in a calculus of variations setting, determine properties of gas-liquid interfaces, and compute characteristic physical values such as the surface tension.
    • Klink C, Bauer G, Weidler D, Lange A, Gross J. Density functional theory of dipolar fluids at vapor-liquid interfaces. Thermodynamik-Kolloquium. DECHEMA, Potsdam, Oct 2012

Bio math

  • Networks & diversity / evolution: We explore strategies of pathogens and their dependence on the host-contact network.
    • Lange A, Ferguson NM. Antigenic diversity, transmission mechanisms, and the evolution of pathogens. PLoS Comput Biol 5 (10): e1000536 
  • Infectious diseases / ecology: We investigate disease transmission based on epidemiological data such as incidence or disease-related mortality.
    • Lange A. Reconstruction of disease transmission rates: applications to measles, dengue, and influenza. [arXiv:1408.0640]
  • Animal behavior / economy: We study optimal decision schemes that incorporate observation and learning.
    • Lange A, Dukas R. Bayesian approximations and extensions: optimal decisions for small brains and possibly big ones too. J Theor Biol 259 (2009) 503

Math physics

  • Quantum field theory: We characterize fundamental interactions in an algebraic fashion.
    • Lange A. The Epstein-Glaser approach to perturbative quantum field theory: graphs and Hopf algebras. J Math Phys 46 (2005) 062304 [arXiv:hep-th/0403246]


  • Course development: Math software with applications for engineers. Coding in 
    • Mathematica
    • MATLAB
    • LabView
  • Basic math courses
    • Calculus and algebra for engineers, scientists, economists
    • Differential equations


  • MSc theses
    • Density functional theory
    • Stochastic optimization
  • BSc theses
    • Nano particles


  • Plattform development based on WebWork
    • Thermodynamics
  •  WileyPLUS
    • Differential equations