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Summer term 2015

begin of term: April 1st 2015
begin of lectures: April 13th 2015
no lectures: May 26th 2015 – Mai 30th 2015
end of lectures: July 25th 2015
end of term: September 30th 2015


Lectures and exercises

Lecture Lecturer  Assistant Info
Technische Thermodynamik II * ) **)
(Technical Thermodynamics I)
J. Groß C. Waibel, J. Mairhofer,
I. Kreitmeir
lsf / ILIAS
Thermische Verfahrenstechnik I *)
(Thermal Process Engineering I )
J. Groß J. Gebhardt, M. Hopp  lsf / ILIAS
Thermische Verfahrenstechnik II *)
(Thermal Process Engineering II )
J. Groß J. Baz, M. Fischer  lsf / ILIAS
Molekulare Thermodynamik *)
(Molecular Thermodynamics)
J. Groß R. Stierle  lsf / ILIAS
Arbeitstechniken und Projektarbeit  (verf)
(Working Techniques and Project Work)
--- E. Sauer  lsf
Thermal Process Engineering (waste) U. Eiden O. Lötgering-Lin lsfILIAS
APMB / Praktikum Angewandte Thermodynamik J. Groß W. Zmpitas Infolsf
Simulationstechnik für Master B N. Hansen ---   lsf

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Winter term 2015/16

begin of term: October 1st 2015
begin of lectures: October 12th 2015
no lectures: December 23rd 2015 – January 6th 2016
end of lectures: February 6th 2016
end of term: March 31st 2016


Lectures and exercises

Lecture Lecturer  Assistant  Info
Technische Thermodynamik I
(Technical Thermodynamics I)
J. Groß M. Hopp, D. Markthaler,
E. Sauer, R. Stierle
lsf / ILIAS
Thermodynamik der Gemische
(Thermodynamics of Mixtures)
J. Groß J. Mairhofer, C. Waibel lsf / ILIAS
Nicht-Gleichgewichts Thermodynamik:
Diffusion und Stoffübertragung
(Non-equlibrium Thermodynamics)
J. Groß J. Baz lsf / ILIAS
(Molecular Simulation)
N. Hansen J. Gebhardt lsf / ILIAS
Grundlagen der Verfahrenstechnik II
(Principles of Process Engineering II)
G. Bauer
D. Weidler
G. Bauer, D. Weidler lsf / ILIAS
Arbeitstechniken und Projektarbeit
(Working Techniques and Project Work)
--- W. Zmpitas Info/ lsf
APMB / Praktikum Angewandte Thermodynamik --- O. Lötgering-Lin Info/ lsf
Projektarbeit (B.Sc.) --- M. Fischer Info
SimTech-Seminar (MSc) N. Hansen D. Markthaler lsf / ILIAS

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