The ITT introduces itself. Here you find our objectives, current and former employees, as well as awards.


The ITT represents the field of thermodynamics and thermal process engineering in research and teaching. It connects engineering science and applied natural science.  

Students receive a fundamental education in thermodynamics and thermal process engineering. Students are further taught an in-depth  understanding of the fundamentals and methods, all with respect to practical applications. The objective is that students will be able to solve challenging problems in these areas either alone or as a team.

The ITT aims to further develop the molecular thermodynamics. It is the goal to tie this area to the daily practice of thermal process engineering.  

Scientific results from ITT are published in international papers and adhere to high standards. The ITT is a key strategic partner in industrial cooperations. It contributes its know how and experience to achieve common goals.  


Dieses Bild zeigt Groß
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Joachim Groß

Academic Dean of Process Engineering, Institute Director

Dieses Bild zeigt Hansen
Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Niels Hansen

Junior Professor

Dieses Bild zeigt Schmidtgen

Agnes Schmidtgen

Assistant to the Director

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